If we had our way, meeting would be a verb.

We are tiny piñata.

We are passionate creators who believe the best ideas begin with empathy.

Look around the table. Who’s missing?

(Hint: It’s us. But only at first.)


We help bring the voice of the user into every discussion, decision and design. Our empathy-led user research guides all of the work we do, including usability testing, problem solving workshops and design sprints. 


We are the user advocate, ensuring every voice is heard. 


We've worked with:

We've worked with:

Designed with Empathy
(even your meetings)

Your meeting is not an agenda.

Enough sitting.
Enough inaction.
Stop phoning it in (literally).

Our Methods:

Empathy. We wish we could dress it up more.
But that’s our core.


We lead with empathy-driven design. 


We outperform our own work with constant evaluation, iteration and calibration.


We equip our clients with the tools and knowledge we use with complete transparency—rendering ourselves ultimately unnecessary in the process.

“Tiny Piñata made us think about our conference attendees as users and we designed an event that was for them, not us. Our event went from great to AMAZING."
—Happy Client


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