How we work.

Above everything, Empathy First.


We solve our client’s problems (or “challenges,” or “opportunities”…) with creativity, design and scrappiness. We believe that the best solutions are achieved by solving the right problems, creatively.


Our methods are founded in sociological and psychological research, with a little bit of tech and a ton of sensitivity. We are observing, learning and understanding your user to create actionable data insights from which strategic decisions can be made.


Our processes are derived from lean business development, human centered design & design thinking, sprints, startups and kindergartens. Our team has worked for Fortune 500 companies, VCs and investment funds. They have founded tech startups, built startup accelerators, pitched, coded, sold—and run workshops for both CEOs and dog groomers (you’d never guess which one was more challenging!).


We’re not just testing apps. We’re helping clients solve problems, build human resource initiatives and training programs, reimagine the way they meet, or transform their very culture.


We are steeped in design thinking, schooled in business and driven by data. We start with empathy and then learn, define, design, test, analyze, adapt, iterate.


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Who we are.

Tiny Piñata was founded and is run by Dana Publicover

We break feedback loops.

We help teams get “unstuck.” Step one is a quick 15-minute phone consult to see if our processes are a good fit for your project.