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Hi, I'm Dana Publicover!


I solve problems, create awesome things, and get s#!t done. I’ve been a dog walker, skydiving instructor, ghostwriter, fiction editor, copywriter, food stylist, commercial photographer, financial journalist, graphic designer, tech founder, creative director and a chief marketing officer.

Now, I’m a creative problem solver and the founder of Tiny Piñata. I run workshops that help challenge convention, push boundaries and find creative solutions. I’m a horror-watching, food snobbing, book-loving twin mom who believes Saturday night is best spent pair programming with my husband.

I’m using my experiences to help women in all phases of business development and freelance (even if you aren’t sure what to do yet!) and I offer one pro-bono slot per week that is first come, first served. 

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"Do you want a complement? Or do you want advice?"

The Empathy Imperative

Why do communication strategies sometimes fail? Why do new services not achieve the groundbreaking success they were projected to have? Why do users and providers struggle to connect and deliver to each other?


One possibility is a lack of empathy.



In the workplace, and in developing new products or services, empathy is an often overlooked (and desperately needed) element in designing solutions. If you want to build successful internal programs, launch successful products, or solve communication gaps, empathy is a requirement.  



But a survey isn’t empathy. Your own opinions are not empathy. The only way to truly understand the problem (and thus create the ultimate solution) is to conduct empathy research. 



This book is both a plea to include true empathy in your design and a step-by-step guide to gaining it.