Meet Dana

Hi, I'm Dana Publicover!

I solve problems, create awesome things, and get s#!t done. I’ve been a dog walker, skydiving instructor, ghostwriter, fiction editor, copywriter, food stylist, commercial photographer, financial journalist, graphic designer, tech founder, user experience designer, creative director and a chief marketing officer.
Now, I’m a creative problem solver and the founder of Tiny Piñata. I run workshops and design experiences that help challenge convention, push boundaries and find creative solutions. My clients are a mix of established companies, startups and solo freelancers and they come from all industries—but they’re all open to exploring empathetic design.
Outside of my work, I’m a horror-watching, food snobbing, book-loving twin mom who believes Saturday night is best spent pair programming with my husband. I offer one pro-bono consulting slot per week, and it’s open to anyone.
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"'Do you want a complement? Or do you want advice?' She actually said that to me. Dana is not afraid to tell you the truth." —consulting client

Workshops & More

For a listing of services, please visit this page.


For speaking opportunities, business inquiries or workshop requests, please contact me here.


For media, events & rights inquiries, please contact my agent, Weronika Janczuk of D4EO Literary Agency.