Tiny Piñata is founded & run by Dana Publicover, whose experience spans the industries of publishing, healthcare, media, advertising, textile, transportation, non-profits and higher-level education. She has run empathetic research studies for diverse groups that include young asthmatics, homebound elderly patients, third shift manufacturing workers, police officers and first year teachers.

Her workshops and strategies have supported the design of mobile and web applications, medical devices, corporate culture, retail spaces, customer communications and marketing strategies.

Dana has worked with teams all over the US and in France, China, India and the UK. She has trained with Google, IDEO, Design Sprint Academy, Stanford d.School and AJ&Smart.

Outside of work, Dana is a true-crime-watching book-loving twin mom who believes Saturday night is best spent pair programming with her husband.

Her first book, Empathy at Scale, will be published soon.

Dana Publicover



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