Empathy at Scale

by Dana Publicover, founder of Tiny Piñata

If nothing ever changes, then nothing ever changes.

How many times have you experienced organizational change that is, at best, a rebrand and business as usual at worst? To create real change, real change must occur. The way we work isn’t working. Employees wear too many hats and spend all their time putting out fires instead of strategizing a brilliant future. Innovation is just a word in our tagline. We’re looking for the Next Big Thing, but we can’t afford to take a risk on anything different.

It’s time to try a new approach to problem-solving using tools already at your disposal. To understand the root cause of problems (and predict the impact of your solution), you must empathize with your user—your customer, your member, your client or even your employee. This book will teach you how to empathize with anyone and run a full-scale empathy study to collect actionable, qualitative data. You’ll also learn problem-solving methods and ways to prove ideas early on to avoid costly mistakes down the line.

If you find yourself with unsolvable problems and you’re open to trying new ways of thinking, Empathy at Scale is the impetus you’ve been waiting for. Dana Publicover brings knowledge from years in startup business development, product design, user research and design thinking facilitation to show that there is always a creative solution—and it’s not going to come out of routine brainstorms. Because if you could sit and think up a solution, you’d have the answer by now. 

This book is for anyone who knows it’s time to change the way they work, who wants to change but isn’t sure how, and who believes their work gets in the way of their job.


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